Ballistic Resistant Steel Door

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The bullet resistant door model 769 is manufactured by RB-DOORS compliant to the highest production standards. This High Security door includes an advanced locking system and provides the protection needed for advanced security , high defense level facilities.

Technical Specifications

  • General description: The door is made of two 1.25mm thick (Door weight is 120 kg - 150 kg) galvanized steel sheets, reinforced by horizontal steel bars set between the casing and the armor plate. RB's high security 4-way locking system with additional reinforcement mechanism, 4 heavy duty hinges and telescopic bottom insert for door height adjustment.
  • Certification: Ballistic resistant armor steel plate, tested according to UL 752 protection level 4-8. Ballistic resistant transparency tested according to DIN 52290 part 2, using an AK-47 rifle.
  • Hardware and Accessories: RB's High security cylinder, hardened drill resistant cylinder protector with a rotating disc and security cover plates on both sides of the locking case.
  • Frame: Construction or cover frame. Bullet proof frame - optional.
  • Door Finish: Electrostatic powder coating, different colors, PVC coating or 3mm thickness wooden decorative panels.