Water Resistant Interior Doors - TOP FORMICA Series

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RB-DOORS’ TOP Series is among the most advanced and technological interior doors available on the market. The prestigious TOP series interior doors boast a high resistance to water related damage keeping this top quality collection stylish and elegant. All doors in this series are made with a tubular chipboard filling and rubber seal for acoustic insulation, magnetic lock for silent magnetic lock and wide telescopic and adjustable architraves.

Technical specification

  • Door leaf with tubular chipboard filling and high quality formica finish.
    Silent magnetic locking.
    Laminato covered WPC door frame in 9.5/12/14 cm widths.
    Water resistant WPC architraves.
    Surrounding seal for noise reduction.
  • Heavy duty pipe hinges
  • TOP Design: Upgrade your door with designs combining windows, glazing, fluting and decorative aluminum colored striping
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.05 M (Including door frame). Available in 215 cm
    Opening Width : 70/80/90 (Customized production can be requested for widths of 60/100 cm)
    *door frame widths of over 14 cm can be requested (Customized production)
  • Finishes: 
    White Textured Formica
    Cream Textured Formica
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