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The concept and design for the Modular Door Series is an exciting, novel concept launched by RB-DOORS. The “Design-It-Yourself” System offers the consumer freedom of design and the potential for self-expression while maintaining the security and protection RB-DOORS and products are known for.

Technical specification

  • Door Structure: .25 mm thick galvanized steel panels combined with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements built into the body of the door, engineered for maximum strength.
  • Lock System: Multi bolt lock system comprising of seven bolts, directed in four ways.
  • Door Design: Flat surfaced door with selected finish. The series boasts a wide selection of innovative finishes new to the door industry and exclusive to RB-Doors: Faux Fabric Finish, Shiny Finish for a Modern Look, Faux Wood Finish and more! The interior side of the door is supplied with a painted finish.
  • Dimensions: According to required sizes.
  • Locking Mechanism: door can be upgraded with advanced locking mechanisms operated by the central multi-point lock.
  • Hardware: Hardened cylinder guards and a broad choice of handles to select from.