Model- Amit

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The perfect solution for apartments! Stunning on the outside, solid door from the inside.

A stylish door with a window on the exterior side, while solid on interior side, providing full privacy in residential buildings. Insulating double-glazed glass with black internal grille, or extra-cost option of grille in same color as door. Transparent, or for a frosted look, vintage-style glass with frosted interior pane. The interior side of the door is with a solid painted finished.

Technical specification

  • Door Structure: The entrance doors’ primary function is to provide safety and protection for all household members, therefore, the door is constructed of steel for its outstanding strength.
  • Painting Technique: The galvanized steel is painted in the Company’s plant in a variety of RB color shade options, using an electrostatic painting process adapted to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Lock System: Multi bolt lock system comprising of six bolts directed toward the two door jambs.
  • Door Design: The Amit model with insulating, double-glazed windows and internal black grille (or same color as door at extra cost), interior side of door with solid painted finish. Glass available in transparent or vintage-style glass with frosted interior pane creating a frosted look.
  • New construction door frame or cover frame. Extra-cost options: 8 cm “Click-on” frame covers / 10 cm artistic cladding (for new-construction frames and corresponding to actual conditions)
  • This entrance door model is manufactured in different sizes and is available as single leaf, leaf and a half, or double leaf door.
  • Locking Mechanism: Upgrade the door with advanced locking mechanisms and choose the desired level of security.