Model – Raz

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The RAZ entrance door model- our finest example of clean, modern design and exceptional finishing.  Entrance door with painted finish in a modern, sleek design, with a lower window allowing for a glance at shoes.

Transparent or frosted insulating double-glazed window flush with door on exterior side and framed on interior side.

Technical specification

  • Door Structure: The entrance doors’ primary function is to provide safety and protection for all household members, therefore, the door is constructed of steel for its outstanding strength.
  • Painting Technique: The galvanized steel is painted in the Company’s plant using an electrostatic painting process adapted to withstand outdoor conditions. Choose from a variety of 19 different RB color shade options.
  • Lock System: Multi bolt lock system comprising of six bolts directed toward the two door jambs.
  • Door Design: Steel door with painted finish in shades from RB’s color fan, concealed heavy-duty hinges, door frame aligned flush to wall surface and insulating double-glazed windows, transparent or frosted, on lower part of the door. 
  • New construction flush finish door frame (door frame designed for concrete casting only).
  • Locking Mechanism: Upgrade the door with advanced locking mechanisms and choose the desired level of security.