Model- Minimal

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Some things last forever. RB-Doors’ best-loved and most successful door, with a new clean and modern touch!

Entrance door with painted finish and concealed hinges.

Technical specification

  • Door Structure: Galvanized steel door with painted finish in shades from RB’s color fan, concealed heavy-duty hinges, internal 1.25 mm thick vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements, 30 DB noise reduction, door width~ 50 mm, door weight- 50 kg. Door is supplied with peripheral rubber seal, telescopic bottom insert for adjusting height of door, bottom brush door sweep and 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel construction frame for wall mounting. Flush finish door frames (aligned with the wall) are available.
  • Hardware and Accessories: “Coral” series nickel finish designer hardware, hardened steel cylinder protector for burglary protection, multi-bolt Keylocx lock and cylinder by RB-Locks, bottom side bolt (reinforcement mechanism) for enhanced level of security, “Lipski” door stopper in natural color (silver), guard latch (for doors opening inwards only) and telescopic peephole.
  • This entrance door model is manufactured in different sizes and is available as single leaf, leaf and a half, or double leaf door.
  • Options: A range of color shades to choose from. Door width: 700-1,200 mm, door height: 1,960-2,400mm. Available in single or double leaf.